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Big time creator on YouTube willing to help others grow! Teaching the most productive effective methods my results speak for themselves. I am highly efficient when running rooms or tents aswell as any outdoor gear. Been doing this for decades aswell. Looking to start a company of my own shortly I would be willing to aid those who need tweaking for consulting fees of course. Click here to see my content on one of my 7 channels I've totaled nearly 12000 video's to date on YouTube an IG. In 5 years I'm not looking to stop or slow down now high gear all the way Six star Hash for me but I do love 3 star Hash too.. LOL RHD STAR THING REALLY GETS ME THOSE WHO THINK STARS GRADE HASH ARE CHUMPS I MAKE FLAWLESS HASH ANYONE WOULD DROOL OVER ITS MAGNIFICENT ILL POST SOME OF MY WORK HERE BECAUSE I LOVE THE LEDS FROM AELIUS AN THE HASH THE LIGHTS ADD TERPS POTENCY RESIN GUARANTEED BETTER SEED ASWELL..

  • Aelius Seedling
    Aelius Seedling
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    Verified FAM

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Aelius Seedling
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