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The Linear Series is designed to excel in many different applications due to its ability to cover both large and small cultivation footprints. Its versatility guides your plants through both vegetation and flowering stages of growth. When combined with others in a commercial applications the Linear Series provides full coverage for large operations, long tables or rolling racks while also providing the perfect light for a personal 4x4 tent.


 The Dynamic series is designed for, but not limited to, lower overhead applications, multi-tiered racking, and growing in compact areas. With remote mounted drivers, this series makes temperature regulation a breeze. There are varying options for both vegetation and flower so these lights will excel in commercial environments and separate vegetation and flower rooms/tents.


The Compact series houses some of our newest and most powerful products. The HPS replacement models pack more power in the same footprint - your plants will love you for the change to LED. Our new REDD formula was specifically engineered to have the optimum spectrum for producing large, dense flowers with excellent growth rates in the flowering stage – they will not disappoint!




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At Aelius, we pride ourselves in our commitment to quality, both in service and product. We stand behind the value of our products and we are proud to offer a 12-week money-back guarantee (but we guarantee you won't need it). We also offer a five-year warranty on our lights and the option to take advantage of the industries only Trade-Up program. Learn More Below!



Aelius LED is dedicated to providing quality products to cultivators of all sizes. Financing has now made quality purchases more affordable for medical growers and small cultivation facilities. 


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